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Hawaii: A destination for the senses



Fresh floral air energizes you, warm tranquil waters refresh you, breathtaking natural beauty renews you.  

There is no place on earth like Hawaii.

The islands of Aloha are a scenic paradise for the senses.  

Hawaii, the youngest state of the union, home to the worlds most active  volcanoes, 

birthplace of surfing and the hula. 

The warmth of the people compliments the islands’ perfect temperatures.

Oahu is home to the state capital and holds most of the states population. This island is a mix of natural and  cultural wonders  with modern arts and entertainment. You can watch world class  surfers or take your own surfing lesson, visit Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Dole Plantation, Polynesian Cultural Center, indulge in Hawaii’s fine dining  and  nightlife and explore the states rich history.

Kauai is the oldest island graced with dramatic, natural  beauty. 

The soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast, vast chasms of Waimea  Canyon, 

plunging ravines, cascading waterfalls, canyons, beaches and bays, 

this island begs to be discovered. 

Not to be missed: Napali Coast, Kilauea Lighthouse, Waimea Canyon, Fern Grotto and Hanalei.

Maui has what some believe are the best  beaches in the  world. 

This island is two volcanic peaks joined by a valley. 

You  can snorkel Kaanapali one day and drive along the legendary Hana highway the next, 

then visit Iao Valley State Park. 

Take a leisurely stroll in the historic fishing village of Lahaina 

and take a boat ride to tiny Molokini island or join a whale watching excursion. 

Watch the sunrise or sunset from the summit of Haleakala National Park 

or thrill to the zipline adventure and revel in the magnificent  panoramic vistas.

Hawaii’s Big Island holds 11 of the worlds  13 climatic  zones - from sandy beaches to snow capped mountains. You will see waterfalls, rain forests, botanical gardens, snorkel, scuba or fish. 

View  the  worlds most active volcano. 

The Big Island is Hawaii’s biggest playground from black sand beaches to molten lava flows.

Beyond the sun and surf of the islands, I urge you to discover the rich 

cultural history to add even more depth to your  visit.

The state of Hawaii can be discovered island by island aboard a cruise ship as you venture from port to port.

My favorite place to visit, having  traveled there 4 times, and I am anxious to return.

Call me to discuss your vacation to the  islands of Aloha!

Adventure in Costa Rica



In Costa Rica visitors can enjoy lovely tropical beaches, grand adventures, and the wonders 

of nature and culture. 

The climate is tropical year round. 

However, the country has many micro climates depending on elevation, rainfall, topography, and by the geography of each particular region.

Costa Rica also has progressive environmental policies. This country plans to become 

carbon neutral by 2021.

By 2016, 98.1% of its electricity was generated from green sources particularly 

hydro, solar, geothermal and biomass.

Costa Rica is home to a rich variety of plants and animals. While the country has only about 0.03% of the world's landmass, it contains 5% of the world's biodiversity. Costa Rica is a living natural laboratory of flora and fauna, 25% of the country is protected under a system of National Parks, Biological Reserves, Wildlife Refuges, Forest Reserves and Protected Zones. The country has successfully managed to diminish deforestation from some of the worst rates in the world from 1973 to 1989, to almost zero by 2005.

It's known for its long-standing and stable democracy, and for its highly educated workforce, most of whom speak English.

My exploration of Costa Rica has included San Jose, located in the central valley and surrounded by magical natural wonders. As the capital city it is the center of culture. Shopping, nightlife, museums, galleries and theaters are yours to explore. 

Monteverde, an area known throughout the world for its conservation efforts and accomplishments. Distinguished by its cool climate, misty cloud forests and countless species of butterflies. 

The Quetzal, considered by many bird experts to be the most beautiful bird of Latin America, is one of the most important inhabitants. Our guide in the reserve advised us he hadn't seen one for months...our group saw 3 that day! Monteverde is a haven of rural art and culture influenced by a Quaker community that calls the area home. The reserve itself is home to more than 2500 plants and 400 bird species. One of the most popular activities is the Sky Trek, a system of trails, suspension bridges and canopy zip lines. It will boost your adrenaline 

and make you lose track of time! 

Guanacaste area, located in the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The region is known for beautiful sunny days, long beaches and expansive cattle ranches. Tourist activities include horseback riding, hiking, biking, and bird watching, diving and fishing. The principal city of the area is Liberia, where the second international airport in Costa Rica is located. 

Tamarindo, where there is a variety of hotel and lodging options for any budget, as well as exceptional selections of cuisine. The bay has world-class sport fishing, surfing and golf. 

Quepos, the town of choice for travelers exploring Manuel Antonio National Park. One of the most beautiful and well known parks in the country has a rainy tropical climate that favors unique conditions. 

Let me help you plan your adventure to one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world!

Riviera Maya A sparkling jewel on the Caribbean Sea


The Riviera Maya of Mexico's Caribbean coast is a beautiful place with miles and miles of white sand beaches, tropical jungles, small coastal towns, amazing archaeological sights of the

Mayan culture and a relaxed pace of life. 

This destination is a beautiful blend of history  and modern conveniences 

with luxurious all-inclusive resorts. 

Just off shore is the 

2nd largest barrier reef in the world

 making a snorkelers paradise. 

If you enjoy sunrises and splashing 

in the turquoise waters this is the  place to visit! 

You can easily expand your visit to nearby 

Cancun or  Cozumel.  

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